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  • Director’s Message

    Management education has a strong and positive impact on the career growth of an individual. Being tied into the synergistic fabric of his or her personality, it tends to evolve from management education which, in its truest sense, combines creation, application and dissemination of knowledge in an integrated form.
    The world is experiencing information explosion. We are simultaneously also caught in an age of fierce competition. Companies that are recruiting management graduates want to hire people who are capable of delivering results in an increasingly competitive and globalized world. Professionals with an analytical bent of mind are the need of the hour.
    VJIM has been ever responsive to the varied requirements of the industry. It constantly strives to fulfil the unceasing demand for industry-ready professionals. Through peer influence, VJIM has been consistently ranked among the top B-schools. VJIM strives to provide quality management education at an affordable price to the young graduates of the nation who aspire to become management professionals.
    VJIM focuses its resources to impart this process of intellectual evolution to foster and nurture leaders of the future who are equipped to not only mould their own careers, but to make a change in the world of business while at the same time, helping to mould the generations that follow them.

    Dr. Ch.S. Durga Prasad
    Director, VJIM