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Management Development Programme

Our MDP is tailor-made to suit the industry needs from time to time with specialized knowledge in various domains. An outlook towards achieving this objective, the Management Development Programme (MDP) is a milestone in VJIM’s path towards becoming a totally integrated Institute with a global bandwidth and local depth.

The main objectives of these programs are to improvise their learning through knowledge and training to all sections of the industry to take on a leadership role. The focus of all activities at VJIM is to give participants the perspectives required by an enterprise to achieve its objectives. It has state-of-the-art infrastructure and learning resources to cater to the need of MDP. This, in turn, helps create leaders who are aware of and ready to take on the challenges faced by their organizations.

In essence, the MDP epitomizes the quest for knowledge that ties together the people at VJIM, Hyderabad. The two-way learning process of the MDP filters its way down to the Postgraduate Program through case studies of current situations. The result: Creation of leaders with not only the tools to build what tomorrow will be but also with the knowledge of the today they must work in. The institute offers general programs and also specific, customized programs to suit the requirements of corporate executives to get the desired outcomes. The specific needs of the organizations both in the private and public sectors are taken into consideration in the customized programs. These programs pertain to general management as well as functional areas.

The institute offers different types of MDPs to suit the needs of different organizations.

MDP Calendar 2022-23

Types of MDPs offered

The institute offers MDPs in all areas of management to the industry.

Certificate Programs

Customized Programs

Off-Campus Programs (General and Customized, at the premises of the companies) 

MDPs are customized as per industry requirements

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Email: director@vjim.edu.in