Management Development Programme

Management Development Programme

Management knowledge combined with specialized expertise in operational excellence, analysis and domain knowledge is the key to success for a managerial career in most industries today. With an outlook towards achieving this objective, the Management Development Programe (MDP) is a milestone in VJIM’s path towards becoming a totally integrated Institute with a global width and local depth.

The institute focuses on a long-term objective of making an impact on the decision-making process of an MDP participant through a formal training program, implementation of the training through a live project related to the participant’s organization and a thorough follow-up through 360 degree feedback and continuous improvement efforts.

The objective of the these programs is to improvise the management control systems by providing relevant training and follow-up to executives of all levels in the industry, government and non-government sectors to take on a leadership role in their position individually and collectively. The focus of all activities at VJIM is to give participants the perspectives required to revolutionize the way an enterprise achieves its objectives. Its state-of-the-art classrooms, Information Center and Learning Resource Center are equipped to be the melting pots of a host of different viewpoints and ideas during the MDPs. This, in turn, helps create leaders who are aware of and ready to take on the challenges faced by their organizations.

In essence the MDP epitomizes the quest for knowledge that ties together the people at VJIM, Hyderabad. The two-way learning process of the MDP filters its way down to the Postgraduate Program through case studies of current situations. The result: Creation of leaders with not only the tools to build what tomorrow will be, but also with the knowledge of the today they must work in. The institute offers general programs and also specific, customized programs to suit the requirements of corporate executives to get the desired outcomes. The specific needs of the organizations both in private and public sector are taken into consideration in the customized programs. . These programs pertain to general management as well as functional areas.

MDP Calendar 2022-23

The institute offers different types of MDPs to suit the needs of different organizations.

Types of MDPs offered

The institute offers MDPs on 3 modes.

  • On-Campus General Programs for Middle and entry level
  • On-Campus Customized Programs for Middle level
  • Certificate Programs (On Campus) for Middle level
  • Off-Campus Programs (General and Customized, at the premises of the companies) for middle level


On Campus General MDPs

These programs are offered to organizations which require a general module of an MDP. The programs are well-designed to improve the conceptual as well as application oriented skills to the participants of all functional areas of an organization. Some of these programs are cross-functional by nature and some are domain specific. All these programs are offered on a fully residential basis and shorter in duration.

  1. Mergers and Acquisitions
  2. Finance for Non-Finance Executives
  3. Principles of Accounting & Corporate Finance
  4. Business Economics
  5. Quantitative Techniques for Decision Making
  6. Performance Excellence
  7. Strategic Management
  8. Human Resource Management
  9. Organizational Behavior
  10. Strategic Leadership
  11. Marketing Management
  12. Sales & Distribution
  13. Operations Management
  14. Supply Chain Management
  15. Soft Skills

On-Campus Customized Programs

These programs are offered to organizations which require specific inputs and result-oriented outcomes and deliverables. The programs are well-designed to solve specific issues of organizations to provide an appropriate solution. The issues can relate to general areas of management or to a specific functional area. These programs are designed specifically to perform an in-depth analysis of the issue being faced by an organization. The modules are developed based on the inputs received from the organization through a joint consultation / discussion. A team of resource persons conducts a field study to understand the issue at the grass-root levels through an interaction with the concerned employees and their personal observation.

Many of these programmes also include international component of learning. Few of the organizations for which VJIM, Hyderabad conducts the programmes include Shivashakthi Group of Companies, Aurobindo Pharma, BHEL, Anu Labs, MANAGE Institute. Indian Railways etc.

Our MDPs aim at preparing executives in operating in interdisciplinary teams and building up confidence in presenting and having well-developed interpersonal skills.

All these programs are offered on a fully residential basis and the duration of these programs is decided based on the requirement, need analysis and mutual consensus with the organization.

Certification Programs (On Campus)

These programs are offered on a longer duration of 3 to 4 months. The objective of these programs is to develop competencies among the participants over a period of time through a mix of classroom training sessions, industry oriented assignments, live projects, case analysis, written tests, group discussions, one-to-one interaction, feedback and follow-up. All these programs are fully residential by nature.

Off-Campus Programs (General and Customized, at the premises of the companies)

These MDPs are delivered at the premises of the organizations. They are either offered on a general basis or on a customized basis. These programs are also of shorter duration, but offered repetitively.

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