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At Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management, Socratic Method of Teaching is followed. An array of teaching methods is employed to address the needs of students who have different learning styles and come from different socio-cultural backgrounds. The faculty at VJIM is sensitive to the individualised student’s learning needs and endeavours to create a positive impact on their learning.

Redefining teaching objectives is influenced by-

  • Expanding knowledge frontier and its preservation.
  • Self-understanding, self-discovery and imaginative thinking.
  • Developing oral and written competency.

Some of the instruction methods that are followed at VJIM are-

  • Engage the students in rigorous intellectual exercises. A good amount of reading, thinking and independent work is exercised by the students.
  • Regular positive criticism, challenge or stimulation of the students during the class sessions based on their reply / discussion.
  • Allow the students with patience to acquire a gradual, orderly and sequential progression from a broad and relatively simple level to one of much greater depth and complexity.
  • Last but not the least, classes are designed in such a way that it is different from what the students are used to, emphasizing examples, demonstration through numbers and facts, relating to real life situations or relating to inter disciplinary learning.
  • Whatever be the teaching strategy a faculty adopts, the overriding consideration has invariably been the teacher’s concern to sustain the student’s desire to learn.

POGIL (Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning) methodology of teaching

This will be used across in all the terms in teaching all the courses. Term I courses will use 2 POGIL activities in each course, Term II 3 POGIL activities in each course, Term III 4 POGIL activities and in Terms IV, V and VI will take up 5 POGIL activities each in each course during these terms.