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The Orientation Programme – PARICHAY

Parichay is a 3-week long Orientation provided to the incoming students every year. The orientation program at VJIM, which we fondly call Parichay, has been designed to match VJIM’s vision of developing managers and entrepreneurs who are future-ready and socially responsible. The core concept of Parichay has been based on the 5 C’s- Confidence Building, Communication Skill Enhancement, Coordination, Creativity, and Culture Acclimatization. The focus of Parichay is on the 5 C’s as shown below.

The Process of Mentoring

Mentoring ensures that the student has a good learning experience with the guidance and support of the mentor during the two years of PGDM at VJIM (and beyond).

Mentoring helps the student to be motivated, to learn, and gain from the experience of their mentor. The mentor supports the student in the process of learning and developing. At VJIM the mentoring relationship goes beyond the 2 years.

Out Bound Training (OBT)

The 2-day Outbound training is not an event but a memory that the students treasure forever. As part of Out-Bound Training, students go out of the campus to have an adventurous and fun-filled day of learning. They learn the concepts of leadership, collaboration, and persistence by participating in multiple activities over the two days amongst peer members, faculty in a natural environment.