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Clubs & Committees

Clubs and Committees at VJIM

VJIM emphasizes that every student should be involved in the clubs and committees that the institute organises. The main motive is to make every student participate as it would make them gain knowledge, build on their social skills, be enterprising and innovative in the thought process. It gives a fair chance for everyone to Hone their skills and display their competencies.  


  • To assist students with similar interests and talents. 
  • To give students a chance to develop social attributes.
  • To encourage students to participate in the democratic process.
  • To develop leadership qualities.

VJIM Policy

  • VJIM encourages students to participate in various activities and competitions.
  • Students are nominated by the club faculty In-charge for various activities and competitions at other B-Schools.  

Clubs at VJIM:

  • Finance 
  • Marketing 
  • HR 
  • Operations 
  • Analytics 
  • Cultural 
  • Music 
  • Debate 
  • Social Outreach 
  • VJIMIANS Unheard Voices 
  • Theatrical 
  • Book 
  • Toast Masters 

Committees at VJIM: 

  • Entrepreneurship 
  • Sports 
  • Training and CVS 
  • Alumni 
  • Public Relations
  • Placement 
  • Admissions
  • Hostel

The functionality of Academic Clubs Finance, Marketing, HR, Operations and Analytics
The aim of these clubs is to develop more functional competency by conducting regular exercises like quizzes, newspaper analyses, field trips, seminars, etc.

  • Plan, design and execute different activities that shall engage the members of the club in peer-learning facilitated by the faculty in charge.
  • Collect information related to the functional areas that can benefit the members of the club and conduct discussions to facilitate learning.
  • Arranging institutional seminars in their functional areas with the faculty coordinator.

Cultural Club

  • The flagship event of VJIM, Chrysalis Annual Fest is planned and organized by this committee
  • The cultural committee shall work towards creating a group of music, dance, sketching, painting, etc.
  • Take the ownership to showcase the talent of VJIM students in different extracurricular events that are conducted in the institute.

Tanmaya – The VJIM melomaniacs club

“Sisurvetti pasurvetti, vetti gana rasam phanihi” says the Sanskrit sloka. 

Yes… Music is enjoyed by children, animals, and even snakes.

Music and Education
Different people may like different genres… but what is it that makes music so unique and appealing to all?

Music is appealing because it is a language of the heart. 

Great compositions are born when the composers are in a highly relaxed and peaceful state. 

It is the stage when the right brain is at its peak. 

When the right brain is active and at its creative peak, the left brain just submits itself to the right brain and great compositions happen. 

Aims And Objectives of Tanmaya

  • Encourage students with musical talent to demonstrate their skills
  • Train the students on music and singing
  • Create a talent buffer for performing on college functions and inter-college competitions
  • Create a stress-free learning-training atmosphere on the campus

Vitarka -The Debate Club

  • Debate is a social way of expressing your point of view on a topic.
  •  It teaches students how to accept different points of view of theirs and others on the same topic. 
  • They learn to agree to disagree, may find a way to solve an issue, learn how to compromise with others.

  What is the importance of debates in education?

  • Class debates give students the ability to make reasoned and well-thought-out arguments. 
  • Debates in a classroom are also an opportunity for students to test their thoughts and views against that of peers. 
  • Students participating in debates frequently engage in the analysis of information and in-depth research.

Social Outreach Club

  • To develop the spirit of giving back to society.
  •  To come up with activities that the institute can organize and create a social impact.
  • To Coordinate with the faculty in charge to plan, organize and execute the club activities viz Blood donation camps, Plantation drives, Awareness campaigns, rural development, sanitation, etc.

Vjimians Unheard Voices Club

  • Plan, organize and execute sessions on sharing of experiences and learnings from people in society who have their concerns and have made it big in their own way but have been recognized or have come to limelight.  

Theatrical Club

  • Organize plays and employ them as means to convey social messages.

Book Club

  • Plan, organize, and execute book reviews and other events and activities amongst the members of the club.
  • Read books and participate in discussions.
  • Suggest a book and reason for the suggestion.
  • Bring together books of different varieties and help the members make the right choice of books to read.
  • Get a different perspective on the book that you already read.

ToastMasters Club

  • Toastmasters International is a world leader in communication and leadership development. 
  • It has a very unique model and has around 350,000 memberships across 140 countries.
  • Members improve their speaking and leadership skills by attending the club. So, they should take the meetings seriously.
  • By regularly giving speeches, gaining feedback, leading teams, and guiding others to achieve their goals in a supportive atmosphere, leaders emerge from the Toastmasters program. Members should earnestly come forward to perform all these activities.
  • The club members should meet once every week or fortnight. VJIM Club meets every fortnight on 1st& 3rd Saturdays
  • The members should attend all the meetings and be on time for the same.

Entrepreneurship Development Committee

  • To create entrepreneurial culture in the institute and foster the growth of innovation and entrepreneurship amongst the students which is a part of Vision and Mission of the institute. 

Sports Committee

  • KRITANSH – Responsible to bring in the sporting spirit in the student community and bring in a culture of sports and games in the institute
  • Plan, organize, and conduct sports and games for the students
  • Identify the strong teams to represent the institute in various intercollegiate events.
  • Create awareness about the different sports activities.

Alumni Committee

  • VJIM Alumni is a strong network with more than 2900 members from 27 batches. 
  • The members of this committee are required to connect and communicate with the alumni of the institute.
  • Frequently update the entire alumni database.
  • Contact and invite each alumnus to the annual alumni meets.
  • Involve in interacting with alumni in senior positions and successful entrepreneurs for drafting their success stories/journey and pass on to the pr team.
  • Design, plan and execute alumni engagement activities
  • Work closely with alumni cell.

PR Committee

  • Report every event/ activity that is conducted in VJIM 
  • Present a story of every activity.
  • Timely reporting to ensure that the report of the event/activity goes live within 48hours of the happening.
  • The larger responsibility of creating and sustaining the brand VJIM lies with the members of this team.

Placement Committee

  • Work closely with the placement department in inviting new companies for placements and summer internships and doing follow-ups with companies.
  • Coordinating with the student community to make them aware of the companies on campus.
  • Maintain transparent communication with students, placement department, and within themselves for smooth functioning of the placement season.
  • Coordinating during the placements drives. 

Admissions Committee

  • Work closely with the admissions department for branding and digital campaigns
  • Guiding the new joiners and supporting them on board.  

Hostel Committee 

The objective of this committee is to develop a sense of responsibility towards the community they live in. The hostel committee is expected to work with the hostel manager and support in the smooth functioning of the VJIM hostel. The pre-requisite to be in this committee is he/she should be a hosteller.

  • Represent the entire hostel community and be a liaison between the faculty in charge, hostel manager, and the hostellers.
  • Listen to the issues/problems put up by the hostellers and see that they are solved in the minimum possible time.
  • Attend the hostel committee meetings that are chaired by the faculty in charge of the hostel.
  • Key role in planning and executing hostel-related events.
  • Maintaining the keys of the hostel and strictly maintaining the time schedules