Learning Resource Centre

About the Learning Resource Centre (LRC)

VJIM LRC is popularly known as Learning Resource Centre (LRC) among its fraternity. It has enormous collection of knowledge resources and innovative and impeccable information services. The architecture design of the LRC building is very unique it is built with a vision of lighting the lamp in the student’s life. The Management of the Institute has extraordinary and eternal care in constructing the LRC making on of the best LRC in the B-Schools of the country. The totally air-conditioned LRC is built in two blocks – Level I and II and is separated from the academic block. It is Wi-Fi enabled and connected to the LAN of the Institute. The VJIM LRC is fully automated with New Gen Lib software.

VJIM LRC thrives to accomplish the mission and vision of the Institute by providing the necessary Information to all the stake holders. With its modern collection of knowledge resources and innovative information services VJIM LRC is an excellent Learning Resource Centre for students and faculty. The LRC proactively acquires all the books and other materials needed by the stakeholders in the area of management, Finance, Marketing, Operations, Business Analytics, Statistics, Economics, Machine Learning and other allied subjects of Management. Along with the books LRC Subscribes to various International and National Journals and Magazines like HBR, MIT Sloan, AMA Collection, Academy of Management Journals, Journal of Finance, Corporate Finance, etc. The LRC also holds best Business Newspapers like ET, MINT, BS, WSJ etc. The LRC is fully automated providing the students all the needful information using Internet and Intranet. The LRC offers a range of information services to support the learning process set to the highest professional standards.

LRC IT Infrastructure

The LRC has good IT Infrastructure in place. Two servers and 8 desktops DELL (Vostro) are made available to the users to access the e-resources and OPAC. The LRC provides printing and scanning facility to all the stakeholders. All the books are barcoded including Back volumes, Journals and Magazines details are preserved in the database. The LRC software is optimised with email and SMS. As soon as the book is issued/returned the user receives SMS and email about the transaction made by him. LRC provides daily email services to all the users where the users receive notification about the economy. Articles, opportunities, different news about companies and other web resources.


The LRC holds some of the best collections of HBR Series, Pfeiffer training manuals finance manuals and holds rich collection of International and National Journals. Electronic Databases are subscribed and renewed regularly for supporting the teaching learning process. The book assortment of the LRC comprises of books, back-volumes of periodicals reports. The collection includes Training Games, The Economist Collections, Dummies, Quick Win, Express Exec.Com Series TED Talks The vast majority of them are kept on open retires legitimately available to the stake holders. There few collections which are high in price that are protected in shut stacks and made accessible just only on demand.

Books are classified using the DDC (Dewy Decimal Classification) for classification

Display of New Arrivals

Every month new titles are added to our stock, are shown in the LRC anteroom. A rundown of such new increases is shown on the notice leading group of the LRC just as on this site. The books stay in plain view for multi week after which those can be obtained.

Reference Collection

Reference assortment including Encyclopaedias, Dictionaries, Directories and Handbooks, and so forth and some essential books of general nature are accessible on open retires in the primary floor Reading Hall. These are intended for conference inside the Reading Room and should not be taken out without authorization.

Bond Volumes

LRC holds 1689 Bond volumes of different journals (International and National)

Piffer Reports

The LRC has an enormous assortment of government reports. Those reports are accessible in Rack No. 9

HBR Collection:

The LRC has an enormous collection HBR Collection in the Rack. No. 9

Different Materials

We have a huge assortment of project reports done by the students.
Newspapers (List Enclosed)
Journals (List enclosed)
Magazines (List enclosed)

Electronic Resources

Electronic Resources

LRC is subscribes informative online databases like and Online Journals. LRC holds good number of DVD, CD’s of Business movies and lecture videos. An E-Book collection of 20,234 are made available to all the stake holders. Users can access the online databases and also find out the real-time availability of LRC materials from their own computer terminals. The LRC provides remote access facility to all the students and faculty members to access the learning resources. Kindles are made available to encourage the e-learning. The students can barrow the Kindles from the LRC. LRC is an institutional member of DELNET & MANLIBNET

Databases : List enclosed E-Books

E-Books collection of 20234 can be accessible through E-book Central providing authoritative, full-text e-books in a wide range of subject areas along with powerful tools to find, use, and manage the information Business & economics Computers & IT Education, Engineering & technology, History & political science, Humanities, Interdisciplinary & area studies, Language, literature & linguistics, Law, international relations & public policy Life sciences, Medical Nursing & allied health, Physical sciences, Psychology & social work, Religion, philosophy & classics, Sociology & anthropology

Remote access to E-Resources

VJIM LRC provides all the stakeholders to access the electronic resources you are away from the grounds. So as to profit this office, if you don't mind mail to library@vjim.edu.in, with the headline Remote Access office. You should utilise your VJIM email id and a similar secret password in the Interface and access the e-assets from wherever without problem.


The VJIM LRC provides the following services

Lending Services

Reference Services

ILL (Inter LRC Loan)

Photocopy Services

Book on Request

SDI Services


Abstracting and Indexing Services

Book Exhibitions


Database Search

Remote Excess

Theatre for Management Learning

Android App Services

Online Research Services

SMS Alert Services

Email Notification

LRC Spaces (Discussion Area) with Wi-Fi facility


Innovative LRC Services are implemented by the LRC like LRC Space. The LRC provides LRC spaces for the students like discussion area, hangout space. The LRC also provides rest rooms for both genders near to the LRC. Potable water cooler is in place. The entire LRC has Air-conditions. LRC has a unique space created for the students to learn through Theatre for Management Learning (Mini Theatre) accommodating 25 students at one go with AC and all the video materials in place along with Internet connection.


New Normal Services offered by VJIM LRC during COVID-19 Lockdown

At the time of COVID-19 Pandemic Teaching and learning measures continued through online which was the only option left out for the academic institutions to connect to the student’s community. To reawaken their radicles and making aware of the choice to grow even in the time of crisis, VJIM LRC following the emerging trends adopted the latest innovative technologies to provide the library services. This includes the MHRD Government of India unlimited open educational resources, research on Covid-19, free e-books from world’s best publishers with high impact factors resources were made available accessible easily. The VJIM LRC has compiled all these resources in this page and made available to access these resources remotely.


LRC Timings

Working Days Hours
Monday - Saturday : 8.00 A.M- 8.00 P.M
Sunday : Open on request

Contact Librarian

Email: raghu.lib@vjim.edu.in

Phone: 040-23044901 ext:211

LRC Staff

S. No Name Designation
1 Mantha Raghu Librarian
2 B. Madhavi Asst. Librarian
3 K. Geetha Asst. Librarian
4 Ratna Rajendra Library Attender